3 Tips on How to Wear an Anal Plug in Public

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One of the delicate “toys” of the sex shop is butt plug. If you purchased this device for anal comfort, you should know that even such a simple at first glance, the object must be able to properly use. After reading this article you will know the tricks for wearing a butt plug in public that also not making anyone understand.

Do Not Forget about Lubrication

You need to start with a water-based lubricant for anal sex. The anus, unfortunately, does not have the property of natural lubrication and, accordingly, the hole is not intended to introduce foreign objects into it. Therefore, it is additionally necessary to purchase a lubricant if you do not want to get micro traumas and not very pleasant sensations.

Do not forget about caution when using sex toys.

The main rule is very slow and smooth movements: enter the butt plug no more than 2 cm and allow yourself to go out, only after that you can gradually enter deeper.

An interesting fact for choosing the size of the anal plug for wearing any model can be used not only, for example, in the shower, but while walking, while cleaning, in one word without restrictions. A huge plus is that the toy is not noticeable under the clothes, so you have the opportunity to have fun in many places.

Pose you also choose what you like best. The most common is squatting, or putting a small pillow to lie on your back and spread your legs. The most important thing is, of course, hygiene. It is recommended to disinfect after each use, and even better to wear a condom.

In the anus of both men and women a lot of nerve endings are concentrated. During anal satisfaction, these zones receive significant stimulation; in men, the prostate gland (prostate) is massaged, located near the anus. In women, the walls of the vagina and the anus are in contact, which causes pleasant sensations. Regardless of whether anus is stimulated by a penis or sex toy, the pleasure of anal caresses cannot be compared with anything. But we will not focus on anal sex as such, and talk about anal traffic jams – sex toys , which serve not only “entertainment” purposes – to achieve pleasure, but also useful from a medical point of view. In our time in their sex shop is represented by a huge variety – for every taste and color.

Butt plugs one of the most common types of anal sex toys.

Butt plugs and other sex toys like yoni eggs are used in films so they are considered are 2 of the most common sex toys.  Butt plug is a necessary thing, girls get extra pleasure from it during intercourse by stimulating those areas of the vagina, which are adjacent to the anus and have sensitive nerve endings. Also, anal plug is good for women who have weakened vaginal muscles – for example, after childbirth – and they and their partner do not receive adequate satisfaction from sexual intercourse. By inserting the anal plug into the anus, the woman dilates the anus and the end of the rectum, thereby narrowing the vagina.

Men also use the anal plug, because it stimulates the prostate gland – which leads to a particularly strong erection. And still, stimulation of the prostate gland is a good prevention of such a disease as prostatitis. Special anal plugs are also used to strengthen the muscles of the anus, some anal plugs, for example, are equipped with a pear, which allows the tube to be inflated with air and thus increase its size. By the way, when a man or a woman uses an anal plug during sexual intercourse, their sexual sensations increase several times, and the orgasm becomes especially strong.

Plain, “classic” butt plug has a specific, drop-shaped form as well as tear drop shaped butt plugs. This form facilitates the introduction of the tube into the anus. Butt plug has a much smaller size than regular dildos and expands at the base. A wide base should prevent the anal plug from falling deep into the intestine. Typically, the average diameter of the anal plug is 3 cm, and the average length is 10-14 cm. There are anal plugs with vibration, waterproof anal plugs that can be used in the bathroom or in the shower.

Butt plugs are made from plastic, silicone, latex, thermoplastic rubber, gel, and even from materials such as glass, wood, and metal. As a rule, all anal plugs – no matter what material they are made from – smooth, “sliding” surface. These plugs are availabe at loveplugs.co

It must be remembered that all anal sex toys, including anal plugs are used with lubricant. It is necessary to apply lubricant on the surface of the anal plug and on the anus. Do not regret the lubricant – in the anus of a person, moisture during sexual pleasures is not provided, and pain from damage to the tissues of the rectum or sphincter can be quite strong. There are a large number of anal lubricants, they can be ordered in the sex shop- most suitable for anal caresses lubricants based on water or silicone. It must be remembered that petrolatum and no cream – even children, in this case unsuitable.

Given the compact size of the anal plugs, and their “immobility”, plugs can be used not only in the home or in an intimate setting. Many people go with them to work, drive a car, go for a walk. During movement, the beneficial effect of the anal plug on the muscles of the anus is only enhanced. Butt plug is a necessary and useful sex toy, and its popularity in the world is only growing!

Master the second stage of deeper penetration to go directly to anal sex.

Now you can fully engage in anal sex and get enchanting sensations from the penetration and caresses of the anus. Enter the sex toy and move it. When you enter – try hard, when withdrawing – squeeze the sphincter. Always remember about lubrication! Now you can penetrate into the anus with different vibrators, dildos and other devices. At first, get a toy with a limiter that will protect you in case of a strong involuntary compression of the sphincter. Begin to stimulate the anus lying down. Gradually move to more relaxed poses and increase your speed based solely on your feelings. Ask your partner to introduce you to the strapon in the anus, when you feel that you are ready for this. Female anal orgasm Female anal orgasm is achieved on exactly the same principle as the male. The main thing is that the girl likes it and does not cause discomfort and pain. Stimulate the clitoris and massage the opening of the anus. After going through all the preparatory stages and having tried full anal sex for women, you will experience such cosmic sensations to which you will want to return again and again

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