6 Things to Know About Anal Hooks

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Vibrators, cock rings, anal hooks and dildos are among the most popular sex toys available on the market. There are many more products to buy that can bring you and your partner extra fun in bed and make your love life varied. A major draw for sex toys is the intended use. Among other things, it is differentiated whether the sex toy anal or vaginal is used. Also form and material can differ. Mostly, however, sex toys are made of silicone. However, the popularity of metal sex toys is rising. One proof is the overall sales increase of cock cages, metal butt plugs and anal hooks. Can you orgasm from anal hook? Sexologists explain the most important differences of the fun charms. In most cases, users prefer the use of metal and steel toys. Get one now at loveplugs.

Sex toys: dildo, vibrator and Co.

The sex toys market has grown immensely. Of course, the classic vibrator or dildo is still available in the sex shop, but even unconventional sex toys are becoming increasingly popular. Some escort agencies offer complimentary sex toys to their patrons, thus, increasing their popularity. Online and in sex shops, you will therefore find a large selection of different designs. Such a helper can not only serve the masturbation, but also make the act of love between you and your loved one more attractive. Reason enough to take a closer look at the different sex toys.

Dildo and vibrator: where is the difference?

The simplest difference between these two classic sex toys is that the vibrator is equipped with a motor, whereas a dildo is usually used manually. The material of each sex toy is extremely diverse: Whether glass, silicone, plastic, wood or even coated with gold – there is nothing that does not exist. But that’s not all because the phallus-shaped sex toys are not only different in their material, but also in their nature completely different. Depending on your preference, there are vibrators or dildos with nubs or notches, in the form of a dolphin or as a realistic copy of a real penis, so-called natural dildos, imitate an erect penis. Similarly, with dildos and vibrators between large and small and thick and thin can be selected. Also in the form dildos and vibrators differ. So there are certainly models that are designed specifically for women and specifically stimulate the G-spot. Other variants concentrate on the clitoris.

Exceptional Sex Toys: Strap-On, Vibrating Egg, Love Balls and Co.

The selection of sex toys is not only made of vibrators and dildos. Have you ever heard of strap-on? This is a strap-on for the woman, which is used among other things for anal stimulation. For example, you can stimulate the prostate of your partner. The strap-on can also be a replica of a penis or have a different shape.

Or do you know the vibrating egg? You can use this, like a vibrator, for clitoral stimulation and thus also for masturbation. But even during intercourse, the vibrating egg can help achieve orgasm similarly penis ring that pulls your sweetheart on the penis and vibrates.

Love balls, however, are introduced into the vagina and can remain there for a time. They want to make you lust for sex and increase the sensitivity. With the vaginal balls even orgasm training can be carried out, whereby the climax is to be intensified even health should love balls bring benefits. They strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and can thus prevent bladder weakness.

On the other hand, chastity devices are used not only in BDSM, but these toys are also suitable for a threesome. Some people find more pleasure in being watched by the third person in cock cage.

Sex toys for the common fun

Other sex toys are also suitable for bringing the love of life together. For example, handcuffs, with which you can bind your loved one to the bedstead and in this way, can perform bondage games. Of course, you can then swap roles and get tied to the bed. You can also blindfold. Or test a whip – but with caution. Slowly approach the line between pleasure and sorrowful pain. Alternatively, for a sensual foreplay, you can grab a small spring wand and explore your partner’s body.

In general, however, speak to your partner beforehand what you both like or bring something as unfamiliar as handcuffs into your bed. Otherwise, you may scare off your partner with the toy and erase the erotic moment because maybe he has no interest in a sex toy. It’s best to go to a sex shop together and be inspired. You can also explore unfamiliar places and use fancy anal toys while checked in at a 5-star hotel.

Clean sex toys properly

There are some things to consider when cleaning sex toys:

  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents
  • Use warm water and a mild soap or so-called “Toy Cleaner”
  • Then let vibrator, Dildo and Co. dry on a towel

Make sure your Sex toy is waterproof and remove the batteries before cleaning. Make room in the nightstand! There are many reasons to try sex toys in a relationship together. Here are 6 of them:

It is something for every taste

The sex industry has changed dramatically in recent years. It is almost chic, in the well-known online shops to buy the latest and also most beautiful equipment. The days when you had to go into a grubby shop for new equipment with a bright red and bowed head are over. And the best: The selection is huge. You and your partner have fallen in love with anal intercourse? Then you will find in the new selection as well as a couple who wants to spice up his flower sex just a little.

Trust grows

Maybe this is the first time you try out a sex toy with your sweetheart, something weird. But you will quickly realize: In front of your partner, do not have to be uncomfortable, trust him blindly. Is there anything more beautiful?

His steadfastness is trained

Sex toys like the cock ring can help the man to come later. They make the erection bigger and more sensitive and can delay the ejaculation more easily.

They are better satisfied

You also get a better orgasm control and learn even more what you want and what you like. Many sex toys for men vibrate on the clitoris and are therefore not only for him, but also for you a nice experience.

They are getting better and better

It’s a simple calculation: more experience plus more knowledge equals more skill. And that does not stop there, because more ability means more fun at the same time.

You will get to know each other better

You already know your partner well and understand each other blindly. But if you treat him, for example, with a sex toy for the prostate, you will get to know him in an even deeper and more intimate way.

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