6 Tips in Choosing the Right Material for your Butt Plug

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The Butt plug for beginners is extremely skin compatible. You hardly feel the plug as soon as the body heat has transferred to the butt plug. The butt plug is really easy to clean, extremely hygienic and impresses with its long durability. The seamless workmanship ensures a particularly pleasant and comfortable anal wearing comfort. An acquisition for a long and intense sex life that pays off! The stainless steel butt plug is easy to clean and remains hygienic in every way. With a crystal of your choice, this sex toy becomes a unique eye-catcher.

How is the butt plug cleaned?

After use, you can simply remove the butt plug and rinse with soap under running water. For disinfection also a Toy Cleaner can be used.

Under a butt plug (also butt plug or simply plug) means a sex toy for insertion into the anus. The typical shape of a butt plug reminiscent of the symbol of color spades in the card game: narrow and rounded at the top, the butt plug thickens to the middle and beyond. Then it tapers very much over a shorter piece, comparable to the stem of a cognac glass. The conclusion is a kind of foot, in the form of a plate, sometimes executed as a suction cup. The narrow round tip initially facilitates insertion of the butt plug. The subsequent widening body stretches the anus and anus. The stalk-like area allows in conjunction with the foot, that the butt plug sits stably, without being able to slip completely into the anus.

Butt plugs can be used for various reasons. Common causes include direct sexual stimulation as well as its use to pry the anus to facilitate subsequent anal intercourse.

Butt Plugs are offered in a variety of sizes, materials and variations. They are available with and without vibration function, with gemstone as Rosebud, with pet tails for the so-called pet play and with the possibility to create an electrical voltage – to name but a few examples. In function but not in shape comparable to butt plugs are anal dildos and anal ball rods or chains. The anal dildos are usually very slim dildos or dildos with rounded constrictions. If you’re interested in these kinds of sex toys, go visit loveplugs.com.au and get one for yourself.

The anal ball bar and the anal ball chain are characterized by a series of several balls, usually with increasing diameter and a certain distance from each other. When it comes to fun from the back, the top of the list of “must have” toys is the anal plug. Anal plugs are usually conical and have a foot at the end.

Here it is either a simple base or a squeegee. But there are also noble variants with crystal stones at the end, once introduced, the crystal sparkles from the butt, a beautiful piece of jewelry. These plugs can be found under the name Rosebud, just type in the search at the top right. The anal plug does not depend on the length, here only counts the diameter to be conquered.There are real plugs collectors, the goal is to “create” more and more anal plug.

Centimeter by centimeter, always towards the goal

There is on the one hand the butt plug carrier, who just enjoys the filled feeling, here it is recommended for the beginning to use anal plugs in the thickness of a penis, so about 3-4 cm in diameter. To insert the butt plug, lie comfortably on the side, provide the plug and your anus with some lubrication gel and push it in slowly, gradually the anus will absorb the anal plug. If you have made it completely, the sphincter will lie around the anal plug; enjoy the little feeling of happiness.

You did it. Now you can even walk around with the plug. If the foot of the butt plug is not too strong, you can even go to work or shopping with your new friend. Knowing that you are wearing an anal plug and the slight pressure will put you in a kind of constant excitement during the wearing time.

Do not worry, you will not have a permanent stand, so far you are probably under control, but the increased testosterone output and just that, “what am I horny” feeling remains. Big is he at some point not big enough, he just wants to create more and more, there is wrestling every inch.

Good that our butt gladly and willingly joins in, the only thing you need is patience and some training. It is important to relax and a slow stretching, you start small and with each forced butt plug you can ever take the next larger variant in view.

How do I get the anal plug out again?

A first justifiable concern, since now the thickness end must first overcome the sphincter. But do not worry because of the wave-like movement of the intestinal musculature of the so-called peristalsis; every butt plug will be transported outside again.

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Butt plugs for men have long been used by men to enhance their pleasure and to obtain a harder erection by stimulating the rectum and nerve endings of the anus. Find the best anal sex toys for sale on JouJou.com. Anal plugs of all kinds, from the Tail Plug with a ponytail for fetishists, up to the anal plugs of glass, steel, silicone, aluminum and even to inflate. The vibrating or non-vibrating butt plugs are primarily for the male lust or the gay milieu because of their size and in some cases their hollow body into which you can introduce a penis or a liquid of your choice. Find our bestsellers like the famous anal plug for men, the rosebuds made of steel, or the extraordinary vibrating and remotely controllable butt plug Nexus Ace! Buy your butt plugs today and receive your order the next working day in a discrete and 100% neutral package and benefit from our free delivery throughout country.

Considered taboo for a long time, anal pleasure was neglected by the majority of men. Nowadays, manners have changed, and men, whether heterosexual or homosexual, are opening up to new practices and experiencing new sexual experiences, discovering hitherto unimagined fun.

Anal pleasure is as intense in men as it is in women, if not more. Knowing that the most erogenous part of the man is the P-spot, which is between the rectum and the base of the penis. So the anal plug is the best way to stimulate the prostate.  Prostate stimulations often neglected during sex, but is the source of orgasms on a whole new level.

Whether you are a fan of sodomy or just looking for intense stimulation, the plug is the erotic accessory you need. It is advisable to start with small plugs and then gradually moves to larger diameters normally reserved for advanced users. Available in various sizes, the plug is ideal for preparing for anal penetration.

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