How daily masturbation affects men’s lifestyle

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This isn’t a place for fake morals and uptight ideas. We all do it — single people, those in a relationship, teens and the elderly, pretty much everyone. Furthermore, both men and women play around with their genitals. But still, there’s a notion that men do it more prominently than the gentler sex. And we can’t argue against that. It’s just how it is.


Yet, is there a line you can cross if you slap your monkey too much? Can it lead to physical or mental issues? And are masturbation addicts real? Unfortunately, playing pocket pool too much can cause all the previously mentioned issues. It can affect people, men, in this case, making their daily lives a struggle to get through. So, let’s talk a bit more about it, shall we?

Why Men Masturbate Everyday

Before we go on any further, we need to answer one important question. Why do men wank off each day? But even before that, it should be said that each man is an individual and does what he does due to personal reasons. What works for one guy doesn’t mean that it will work for the other. It’s as simple as that.

However, in general, men are just horny beings. They breathe sex every step of the way. They wake up with it in mind, go to work thinking about boobs and asses, and go to sleep dreaming about it. As such, they need to grant themselves some pleasure each day, and what better way to do so than to wank off?

Benefits From Daily Masturbation

A man spanking his salami isn’t just so that he can pretend that he’s sexually active. There are actually pros of daily masturbation. The first that comes to mind is that spilling a load is a great way to relax. As a person reaches an orgasm, the brain sends out the so-called happy hormones (e.g., oxytocin, dopamine), which help to relieve stress. But hold on, there’s more.


Another reason why masturbation is healthy is that it helps people to sleep better. Without the previously mentioned stress, a man can go to sleep easier and get enough rest. Furthermore, doing it every day can help promote self-esteem and a healthier outlook on one’s body image. The more you do it, the more you imagine yourself as a sexy hunk.

Side Effects of Daily Masturbation

In essence, male masturbation (and female as well) doesn’t have physical cons. It can’t cause erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, despite what some believe. Nevertheless, it can be at the root of other real-life problems. These concerns include chronic masturbation and the feeling of guilt after the deed is done.


When it comes to addiction, it is a real thing. There are no two ways about it. But why is addiction bad in this case? Well, it can prevent men from doing their daily chores and activities. Moreover, it can ruin their careers and damage their grades in school. On a similar page, masturbation addiction is behind many failed relationships.


The other issue we’ve mentioned is guilt. This is more of a religious thing. Namely, no religion is fond of men and women touching themselves. Therefore, if someone is devoted to their faith, they might feel guilty after they orgasm. Luckily, this is where sex therapists could help, and if you have a similar problem, we strongly encourage seeking their help.

Should Men Avoid Daily Masturbation?

Although daily masturbation facts suggest lots of positives like less stress and better sleep, the chance of getting addicted still exists. And despite common belief, withholding from masturbation doesn’t have to reflect negatively on a man’s sex life. In fact, it can be a positive for his sexual health. It can help him focus more on actual intercourse with his partner. And if they don’t have one, avoiding self-inflicted sexual pleasure will lead him to pursue finding a lover.

Nevertheless, if you think you or someone you know has an issue with self-pleasure, we suggest the following. One can replace stroking his penis with going for a run, to the gym, or exercising at home. Either way, they’ll release some sexual tension. Yet, if they can’t for any reason work out, they can still go for a walk. It’s just as good for one’s health. But aside from physical activities, men can stimulate their minds by trying to write their thoughts in the form of a journal. It’s common for many addiction therapies, including masturbation.

Ending Thoughts

By previously mentioning what to do instead of masturbation, we don’t mean that anyone should cut it off completely. After all, it’s quite normal to please yourself. And in fact, anyone can manage it by maintaining a balanced approach to masturbation. In case it’s what makes them tick, and they are in a relationship, here’s an idea. They can enjoy mutual masturbation several times a month with their partner.

On the other hand, if a man who likes to masturbate is single, there’s still something to do aside from mindlessly slapping their monkey. There are many sex toys for men that can help up the experience. From fleshlights to pocket pussies, the adult market is full of great gadgets to improve male masturbation. Of course, it’s once again important to manage what you’re doing. It shouldn’t stand in the way of private and professional chores and duties.

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