Vibrators and other sex toys: Know your love babies

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Nevertheless, expert recommends that you use your sex toys carefully so that they last for a long time. For example, couples use vibrators to fulfil their fantasies and explore. Below are some specific tips on how to deal with your sex toys to maximize their enjoyment for a long time and what can be the vibrator alternatives.


Always remove the batteries from your sex toy after use. The reason is that a battery can sometimes be unloaded without notice. Even worse, if the battery starts leaking acid that can completely destroy the sex thing.

Some sex toys, such as pearls, consume batteries relatively quickly due to power consuming features. One tip may be to purchase high quality rechargeable batteries. It usually pays off quickly if you use your sex toys often. Moreover, from an environmental point of view, it is a much better option than disposable batteries.


Vibrators are probably one of the most popular sex toys worldwide. I bet you 90% of the population who watch porn saw vibrators on adult films. If you notice that the vibrator starts to warm, you should preferably turn it off for a while to cool down or at least reduce the speed. What might happen otherwise is that the vibrator or engine burns and the product becomes unusable forever.

Beads (Rabbit rods)

When using beads, it is important to know that you should never stop the rotation of beads and spikes in an unnatural way. When trying a bead for the first time, it may be tempting to first test with the hand how strong the rotation is. This may cause the engine to burn and the pillar becomes malfunctioning. Being a real pity, since the intense stimulation of a bead can cause many women who have never received orgasm to experience this repeatedly at the same time.

Waterproof sex toys

In order for the product to remain waterproof, it is important that the battery cover is properly screwed so that the rubber gasket has a good contact surface. Also, do not open and close the battery cover under wet conditions. This may cause the product to stop working due to rust formation.After using your sex toy under wet conditions, it may be wise to store it with the battery cover trimmed.


Do you belong to those who have not tried slurry before? In such cases, it’s time to give it a try! In addition to contributing to a more erotic feeling, the slip means makes penetration easier with a more relaxed experience. In conjunction with anal and vaginal sex toys, silicone-based lubricants should always be used. Materials like Jelly, Silicone and Latex may otherwise cause unnecessary friction.

Water-based lubricants work best at the beginning of the act, as they usually evaporate quite quickly. They easily wash away, leave no stains and are completely condom proof. It is suitable for vaginal sex as well as oral sex. Tasted lubricants are harmless to consume.

Silicone-based lubricants are made up of a substance that is not absorbed into the body, i.e. completely harmless. They work well with condoms and contain no products that destroy sex toys. They are very dry, odorless and also have a long lasting effect. These are the lubricants that are mostly sold at online websites. Oil-based lubricants have a number of disadvantages. Many suffer from irritation in the abdomen of these. They also solve material in condoms and sex toys.

Material and cleaning

Good hygiene is very important when it comes to sex toys. You should always clean your sex toys after each use. This is to prevent bacterial formation, which can cause irritation and infection in sensitive places. The best thing is to use a sex toys cleaner that contains bactericidal agents. Also, be sure to always remove the batteries when you are not using your sex toys or cleaning them

Silicone is an exclusive material for you, such as do not tolerate latex but still want a soft product. Silicone feels like the right skin and has a soft, smooth surface and is very stretchable.

Silicone can be used advantageously by latex allergies.

Jelly is a very affordable material and very popular when it comes to sex toys. It consists of a rubber mixture that is usually both soft and gentle. In order not to dry out, these products are often treated by the manufacturer, which may mean that they can be experienced as a bit “sticky”.

This immediately goes away with a little lubricant. The material can withstand water, but if you want to get the product really clean then a bactericidal detergent or Toy Cleaner a must. Jelly products should not be used by latex allergies.

Latex is a rubber blend and a common material in sex toys. These products are often soft and stretchable. You should not use soap, oil, cooking oil or hot water on them, as it may destroy them. Latex sex toys have a shorter life than sex toys in e.g. silicone. Treat them with silicone-based lubricants or talk every now and then, and keep them longer.

Hard plastic (ABS) is a hard and completely non-flexible material. The material propagates vibrations much better than soft materials, why it is the most common material in vibrators. The material is very easy to keep clean and is good for use with all types of lubricants.

Start using the vibrator

If you have not previously used vibrators, buy one now. You’ve missed something. Many women may have difficulty getting wet or reaching climax. A vibrator is an excellent tool for you to calm down and find out what you think is nice. Do this without your partner, so you do not feel forced to get orgasm, and reserve properly with time for just you and your dildo.

Most vibrators have different vibration programs and speeds. If you are above with vibrators or if you have just bought a new one, start at the lowest speed and then try out what you think is nice. Everyone is different, some like strong vibration, and some want it to barely feel vibrating. There is no danger, it’s just trying out. You can start by moving the vibrator to the nose, where you have thin skin and feel about how strong the vibration will feel on the vagina. Your clitoris is even the most sensitive areas on your body with several hundred nerve ends, so be careful at first!

If you feel irritation when using the vibrator, stop using it immediately. Do not use vibrators on inflamed or swollen areas. If you have any health conditions affecting your abdomen and you are unsure if you can use a vibrator, ask your doctor or gynecologist! If you stay for a long time with the vibrator, it may overheat; hold on for a while if you feel the dildos start to get hot. Allow it to cool before you start again. If you are using a battery-powered vibrator, make sure that the battery cover is firmly screwed before using it. If slid or moisture penetrates, it may damage both the batteries and the engine.

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