Which Anal Toys Can be Used with your Man

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Anal beads: The anal sphincter is one of the most powerful erogenous zones on the body. Therefore, the stimulation of this particular area will bring a lot of new sensations to sex. For this, anal beads are great – bonded together balls of glass, metal or silicone, which have the same or different diameter.

How to use:

The woman inserts the beads into the anus and after that the couple starts vaginal sex. A man through the back wall of the vagina feels relief, thereby receiving additional stimulation of the penis. And a girl with such stimulation increases sensitivity and arousal.

To make the effect even brighter, at the time of the climax, the balls can be slowly removed from the anus one at a time, thereby the woman’s sphincter will receive additional stimulation, and the man will feel movement in the vagina.

Sex toys today are increasingly synchronized with a smart phone. And they can include not only the owner, but also a trustee, which is located at any distance. Such a device easily turns even the most boring sex into an unforgettable adventure for two.

How to use:

Download in the Play Store application, and now you already have full access to the management of the toy.

To give access to a partner, send him a personal link: now your orgasm is in his hands!

Learn the functions of the vibrator – a huge amount. And the gadget can be used in an intimate setting, and in public places. The range of action and pleasure is not limited.

One of the vibrator modes deserves special attention – this is the Kegel simulator. A woman who knows how to control intimate muscles can really bring incomparable pleasure to herself and her man.

Butt plug with vibration on the control panel

Recently, a butt plug with vibration on the control panel has been of particular interest to lovers of sex diversity.

How to use:

One of the most powerful male fantasies is double penetrations, that is, both the vagina and the anus. To make this dream come true, try the butt plug. The man himself inserts the stopper into the female anus, mimicking slightly the frictions. When a woman is sufficiently excited, vaginal sex is used in all its possible ways.

Bear in mind: the toy gives a completely new feeling. The fact that the tube helps to reduce the vagina is as if lifting its back wall. A man feels that “there” is very narrow. For a woman, such sex also becomes enchanting: no one has yet canceled the orgasm from the K point. And different vibration modes allow you to experiment! This is the same remote control that can remotely control the anal vibration block. But in itself it has several modes of vibration.

How to use:

Use the gadget to study the erogenous zones on each other’s bodies! You will see: it will help you and your beloved to open new “points of pleasure”.

Put it on your finger during the manual caresses member – the boyfriend will receive an unforgettable orgasm. Synchronize the mini-vibrator with the anal plug and experiment. Anal stimulation is equally suitable for both men and women.

Butt plugs with predictions!

Someone had to do it sooner or later! And here they appeared – butt plugs, combined with the so-called “magic ball”. The focus of such a ball is that if you shake it, it gives some kind of prediction or advice. It seems like you are thinking about whether to drink an expired kefir, ask the ball for help, and he is like this: “No, don’t! A night sickness can happen!” And immediately everything is clear.

Immediately miniature Magic 8 Ball screwed to the steel butt plug and now ask for advice has become much more interesting. Of course, you can wear the butt plug with the soothsayer in your pocket, but what’s the point? How long can you keep a butt plug in? Now, if for advice every time you need to contact the ass.

Choosing the perfect anal toy at first may seem like an overwhelming task. There are hundreds of different products on the market – and each has its own design and set of functions. A toy that is great for wearing out can be uncomfortable with masturbation. Those that prepare you to use the biggest of your dildos will not be too good for quick preparation for anal sex.

You want to wear it in a public place.

Butt plugs! If you want anal games outside the home, the most important thing is to find a toy that sits firmly where it belongs and does not cause you any discomfort or anxiety. Butt plugs do a great job. However, not every traffic jam is good. Before going out, be sure to take a walk around the house with her. You must stand up, walk and bend without fear, and the cork should not slip out of you. Just in case, wear underwear, when you take out your cork for a walk – you never know what. It is embarrassing when a cork slips out of you in a store, but much more embarrassing when it falls to the floor while you are standing in line at the cashier’s desk.

You want to wear it at home.

There is something pleasant about anal stimulation during everyday troubles – and this brings sexual spontaneity into your life. If you like the sensations of anal toys while you are doing household chores, you should also have anal plug. Only it is not required to select it as carefully as a toy for going outside. Loss of traffic jams may get you down, but still at home it is much easier to wash it and put it in place. Given the relaxed atmosphere at home, think about buying vibrating plugs or toys larger than those you are used to.

You want the other person to control the toy.

When you want to give control of your pleasure to the wrong hands, you should take a closer look at the vibration controls with a remote control. In recent years, they have become popular. Imagine: you are having dinner in your favorite restaurant, and your partner regulates the power of vibrations with the touch of a button on a tiny remote. Perhaps she will add some power when you place an order. If you plan to use the vibrating unit in a public place, first check at home that it is fairly quiet – and does not fall out.

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