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Women Seduction: Getting Your Man Turned On

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How do you get your man turned on? What are some of the tricks you can use to drive him crazy? Let’s talk about sex stuff and how you can have so much fun together. With these tricks, you’ll be able to turn your man on and improve your sex life. 

Heating Things up With a Well-Thought-Out Plan

The simplest way to have mind-blowing sex is to build up the tension, and that means lots of foreplay. You need to take your time and enjoy the journey. As we all know, foreplay is one of the most important things when it comes to sex, and if you are looking for a way to get your man turned on, this is the safest option. 

As for the type of foreplay, it all comes down to you and your partner. It could be anything from oral sex to bubble baths. Ask yourself what your partner enjoys. What is something that will drive him crazy? The options are limitless. You can always experiment with massages and stimulating his erogenous zones. Keep in mind that foreplay is not one-size-fits-all, so there is no universal rule or guide that will tell you what to do. 

Dressing Up For Sex

Men are visual beings, and having appropriate clothing can be the key to success. Fortunately, you have many different options you can try out. It is no secret that men enjoy garter belts, stockings, and such. Using sexy underwear can also do the trick, and it is up to you to find something that will make you feel both comfortable and sexy. 


Of course, you can always go a step further if you and your partner are into role-playing. You can create a scene and try out your fantasies. Dressing up as a slutty nurse is rather popular, and so are slutty nun costumes, as well as all other combinations starting with the word “slutty.” 


Once again, you don’t need to go as far if you don’t feel like it. And having sexy underwear is often more than enough. Your man is with you for you, and you don’t need to dress up to have satisfying sex. 

Be the Whole Package

Engaging in foreplay is just one of many ways to improve your sex life, but you can do so much more. Everything you do can contribute to your adventure later on. Making eye contact during the day, initiating any unexpected sex acts, smiling, being intimate, romantic, and passionate — the list goes on. 


You are what makes it so special, and showing that you care about your man will make everything better. That includes sex as well. So, take your time and enjoy every second you spend with your partner. They will appreciate it. The beauty is in the entire process. And while quickies are fun, long and passionate sessions are so much better. 

Make Out and Tease

As we talked about before, foreplay is an excellent way to set the mood. Your partner will love every second of it, and it can significantly improve your sex life. But there is also another thing you can try — teasing. 

Men love boobs. We all know this, but what makes it often even better is not seeing them. The idea of it can be so arousing, which is why teasing is so popular. You don’t need to show everything from the start, and your man will adore the idea. With every passing second, he will crave for more. 


When teasing, many people involve food or experimenting with temperature play. This can include ice cubes or even candle wax if you are into it. Finally, if you really want to “torture” him, you can always try a no-hands rule, where he is not allowed to touch you until you let him. Just don’t let him wait too long. 

Men Love to Be the Alpha

It is not a secret that men love being the alpha. And you can give him just that. If you are into role-playing, you can try being submissive. Handing over the control can be exciting for both men and women, and it will give you a chance to try many new things. Needless to say, you should try this only if you are comfortable with it. And the same rule applies to everything on the list.

By being submissive, it will allow both you and your partner to try out something new. Your man will be able to explore your body as well, and you can have so much fun. Naturally, you don’t need to go full BDSM if you don’t feel like it. Simple gestures will be enough for the majority of people out there. 

A Satisfied Man Is a Man That Craves

Having incredible, unforgettable sex will make your man want more. It is as simple as that. The next time things get a bit hot, he will remember how much fun you had, and he will adore every single second you spend together. 


But even after sex, he will crave for more. A satisfied man is a man that craves and wants more. He will have a hard time keeping his hands to himself. This type of attitude will do wonders for you since everyone knows how important sex is for a healthy relationship. 

A Good Sex Keeps a Healthy Relationship

Finally, sex is important. It is not the most important thing in the world, but it is still on the list. Having a healthy sex life will do wonders for your relationship. It is the most effective way to relieve stress, have fun, and generally feel good. 

By experimenting in bed, you and your partner will also improve communication, which is the key to success. If your man is able to talk to you about everything, that’s one of the best things in the world. 


Being seduced is not something men are used to, but they appreciate it when it happens. And seduction will lead to good sex, which will put everything in its right place. Sexual satisfaction is important both for you and your partner, and it is something you should strive for together.

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