How to Do Anal Sex Like a Pro

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In antiquity, as is generally known, homosexual sexual intercourse among men was a normal thing among the sex lovers all over the world. Is there any information or lore that has been prepared for such practices with feedback? Or how was it at the time with hygiene? Did it matter to them if their best piece gets a bit dirty? How long before anal sex should you douche? Anal intercourse does not require the previous cleansing of the rectum. The rectum may just not be just full and cause chair urgency.

Normal body hygiene is quite sufficient and it is sufficient to wash externally, both for the penetrative active and the receptive passive partner. In general, the practices are either absent or minimal. The same applies to the ancient sex lovers. Cumbersome cleaning procedures or even enemas were not common and are not necessary.

Originally, the anal pump was a medical device designed to help nurses clean the rectal area of ??patients. The human imagination has no limit, this material has now been adapted to become a sex toy. Today, it is a sexual gadget that is a source of great pleasure among followers of sodomy.

The anal pump is an erotic toy, used by couples who appreciate sadomasochistic relationships. It optimizes the pleasure of each partner. Note that this is a process that can be used in men and women to maximize pleasure and stimulate orgasm.

What is the use of an anal pump or enema pear?

At first glance, it should be known that the purpose of the anal enema is the evacuation of fecal matter and gaseous remained stuck in the intestine. Thanks to the discovery of the sensitivity of the anal area, the whimsical people turned this equipment of medicine into a stimulating toy.

Now, an anal pump has the mission to generate sensations from the anus, recognized as an erogenous zone. The pump will exert an aqueous pressure which will irrigate and excite the rectum greatly by dilating it. The use of this pump usually encourages orgasm. It is therefore an entertainment that awakens the sensuality of the couple and spices the intimate relationships.

How to use an anal pump?

Sexual pumps generally have the same principle consisting of a rather intense aspiration of a part of the body. The device will be affixed to the organ to be aspirated and the suction will begin. This will have great pleasant effects. The anal pump for its part is often equipped with a plug that must be introduced into the anus. Then, it will be necessary to press the pump so that the dilation begins.

Then, it will be sprayed with force in the anus. The sensation of water on the walls of the colon is that which leads precipitously to an orgasm unparalleled. However, it is important not to omit the lubrication in the context of the use of the anal pump.

How to choose an anal enema pump?

With the variety of sex toys on the market, it is generally difficult to recognize a good prototype anal pump. To choose the right model, one must base oneself on certain criteria. The most important thing is to opt for a quality anal pump that is made from medical silicone.

The design of this device is normally free of BPA and is therefore safe for the body. The guarantee is another fundamental characteristic in the choice of an anal pump. We must therefore prefer a device that is 100% guaranteed and can be reimbursed in case of dissatisfaction.

Why use an enema pump?

The enema pump is not a recent device and this practice goes back a long time already. The utility of an anal pump is explained by the well-being that the water pressure brings to the user who is often in search of thrills. The followers of sex toys use enema pumps to reach orgasm.

This pump is used by couples looking to break the routine. This type of erotic toy is also used to spice sexual intercourse and make the pleasure last longer. The enema pump is used to quickly cause multiple orgasms in each gaming partner.

What are the best anal pumps?

With the different varieties of anal pumps, the choice is vast. However, you must make sure to choose the best quality material. The best way to do this is to comply with the opinions of users who have already tested the product. The best anal pumps are usually those recommended by customers, here is the list.

Seven Creations

The Seven Creations pump is a variant of anal pump characterized by its practicality and the comfort it provides. This is a unisex product that can be used by both men and women. Weighing only 250 g, it can take anywhere without problem.

Bramble Shower Bulb

Superior Quality Medical and Hygienic Silicone Shower Light with Cleaning Brush – Long-Nose Washer for Safe Anal Vaginal Washing or Constipation Relief.

Comfortable Design: Pear for the rectal enema has been designed to ensure regular water jet and offer all comfort of use and penetration without any pain.

Tip End: Tip can be screwed to easily fill the bulb and provide a perfect cleaning. The portable light bulb can be used everywhere and can be used as a toilet bidet.

Flexible Pressure: Pear with a large capacity of 200 ml makes it possible to use the amount of liquid necessary for the best experience. It is hygienic and safe to clean bacteria and reduce the risk of infection. It is made from medical silicone and BPA free material safe for the body.

Warranty: Sex shops offer 100% Guarantee; if you are not satisfied with a product, do not hesitate to contact us.

This model of Shower Bulb was designed in hygienic Silicone of optimal quality. It is added with a cleaning brush when it is delivered. This pump guarantees even more penetration without pain. It is a material designed in the norms and which gives an entire satisfaction to its users. Also, the pear of this pump has a capacity of 200 ml.

Why do I have to buy an enema pump on the internet?

There are many types of sex toys and designs are multiplying. The question remains, however, where to find the best model. To buy a good anal pump, it is better to go on the internet which brings together the best selling sites of erotic toys. Online sex shop is one of the best article comparators. On this site, the client can dissect each article by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. It will also have an overview of prices and reviews issued by users who have already tested the products.

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