How to Find the Right Prostate Massager

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For the majority of heterosexual men, it is unthinkable to imagine “exploring” his anus. This is a practice that we associate with homosexuality, and that we call “non-virile”. A legend unfortunately has a hard life. For a long time, being yourself straight, you never imagined exploring this part of your anatomy.

The possibility of chaining serial orgasms

But one day, you came across a video of a TV show in which a man was talking about the benefits of prostate massage. This man said he was heterosexual, he had companions but it is especially his story, and his mention of the possibility of series of orgasms that have challenged you. You can search for articles and looked for other people who practiced prostatic massage. Read some reviews of the same style. Everyone frankly wanted to discover the thing. At the time, if you are not having sex toys, you are then armed with only fingers. You can try several times to reach your prostate only with your hand, but in the end, nothing very obvious and no particular feeling. In short, it can be flop game also.

The discovery of prostate massage

It must first be understood that for you, anal penetration had stopped only the introduction of a finger as an attempt to discover the prostate.

Take the plunge

The first difficulty was therefore to take the step and introduce an object of greater size. This is not for advice or directive, for this discovery, first step was to take a shower and relax. The goal is to feel “psychologically clean”. Well yes, because for someone who starts, it remains the connotation of “dirty”. This step remains, even over time, a “preparation” necessary for this session. Once very clean and dry, so lubricate the anus and use best prostate massagers.

Unlike the recommended position quite often namely, the rifle dog position, this is never comfortable.  Sex lovers preferred to opt for the position totally elongated, a pillow and a towel under the buttocks to enhance.

The relaxation phase

The first big step, and one of paramount importance, is to relax, to accustom one’s body to this foreign object. This step requires deep and deep breaths. One inhales with the nose, thoroughly, and one expires slowly with the mouth, always at bottom. And we go on.

Your body was not used to penetration, on these early phases, during breathing, your anus contracted involuntarily. The relaxation phase is really important, it’s when I feel well relaxed that I can go further and control the rest. The treaty speaks a lot about it, but I also insist on it, it is a primordial stage, which can last up to 20 minutes, it is to adapt according to the people. Concretely, apart from this benefit, we gain above all a great relaxation.


Once very relaxed, the first time, try to make contractions. But after two hours, if you have got nothing, then stop. It turns out that you misunderstood the thing; the contractions should be maintained for 10 to 20 seconds, and then released, not released directly. On the other hand, do not touch the penis, so as not to lose the feelings “internal” to our body.

This first time was therefore a failure. Concretely, I felt pleasure when moving the Aneros, but nothing more. No orgasm, nothing. But that’s normal: you should not expect to get there the first time.

Maintain contractions

Once relaxed, this time I maintained my contractions. This time, I felt a pretty intense pleasure during the contractions, at the level of the prostate. It did not correspond to what was described, but it came from my prostate. I was able to chain this sensation several times in a row.

This feeling could be reproduced at each session, but still did not correspond to what was announced. And even if, with all this help, I could get this great pleasure in just two sessions, it was still not the same.

A good rest

The big plus that I discovered is that I come out completely relaxed from these sessions, the fact of contracting the anus, the position and the breathing, leave me in a state of rest beneficent. Indeed, it’s a bit like after long stretching sessions, physically, the body is laid back.

Orgasm of the prostate

It is at the fifth or sixth session, that I finally managed to discover this orgasm of the prostate. You should not make small contractions, but at otherwise go farther, gradually. After doing this several times, remaining contracted, I tried to give a little rhythm to the contractions, to take the pace that we feel when ejaculation occurs (contract, release, etc.). Suddenly, during the deep contraction, the sensation at the level of the prostate was amplified, an intense pleasure appeared, and the contractions were launched by themselves. So that’s the orgasm of the prostate. The strongest is that it is enough to relax, then contract again, so that when the pressure on the prostate, everything starts again! And this feeling can be chained a lot of times. There is no ejaculation , but the contractions are linked in rhythm as during ejaculation.


To discover prostatic pleasures is really worth it. This does not replace “normal” masturbation or conventional sex, but it is a different complement. The feeling is almost the same when you use a cock ring to ejaculate. The feeling of well-being that comes from it is really a plus. Even if one does not reach the orgasm of the prostate, the massage introduced during the report or the classic masturbation still brings a plus during the orgasm. This contribution alone is already worth it.

No, the pleasures of the prostate, and the penetration of the anus are not reserved for homosexuals. Unfortunately, it will take a long time for this connotation disappears. It is with this initiation that penetration by plug must also be fun to discover and with a strap-on, maybe even we can feel the same when penetrated by his partner. It’s something to test and discover.

Remains the problem of talking about it, the anal penetration of man is associated in the minds to homosexuality. Announce to her girl that we would like her to enter us with a strap-on, it’s really not easy. If you have any advice on how to approach the thing and discuss it, it will be useful for everybody.

Without going so far, it is obvious that it may be possible to combine standard massage with prostate massage, if you can achieve this orgasm by being accompanied by the kind. Some people share this pleasure to two. But it must still be well “lapped” alone before you can really share it with two. So ladies, accept that they discover this alone in your absence before you can really share it with you.

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